I have been adding a page or so every year of my pieces of writing on transplants. Here are the links:

 I tell my very short story of illness on the story page  of the British Liver Trust : see  Ken Plummer’s Story

I tell a longer version at Ken’s Story: The Diary of a Transplant Patient: see Ken’s Story

My first auto/ethnographic academic article on all this can be found in ‘My Multiple Sick Bodies’

I celebrated my 10th anniversary transplant here! 

(And more: the story of nine years!)

I write a little about just how much illness transforms everyday life in Illness as Disruption

And here I write about how I came to give up drink at the start of my illness: Giving Up Drink

I have also written about my psychotic hallucinations in intensive care

This is  a little account of transplants as total life experience

The photographer Laura Cuch has a photo essay on transplant people and includes me in her grouping. see Images of transplant man ………

And the outline of a short course on all this can be found at short course

And a bibliography on linked matters can be found at narrative and illness: a bibliography


I also wrote a major draft manuscript called ‘A Transplanted Life’ shortly after my illness. I can send this on request. At present I am not planning to write any more on this.

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