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Humanity begins the moment we stop being instinctively selfish and start seeing other points of view”

Akira Kurosawa ( and cited in Mark Cousin’s The Story of Film – a wonderful history of film).

Akira Kurosawa is the wonderful film maker of Roshomon and Seven Samurai, and many others.
Mark Cousins has written a beautiful and accessible history of film in The Story of Film (also a 15 part film .tv programme). 

Article: My Multiple Sick Bodies

Below is my most recent article published in April 2012. It is my first published piece based on my illness. MY MULTIPLE SICK BODIES: SYMBOLIC INTERACTIONISM, AUTOETHNOGRAPHY AND EMBODIMENT   Ken Plummer   Published in Bryan S Turner ed.  Routledge Handbook of Body Studies 2012: Routledge p75-93   What happens when my body breaks down…

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