Selected Writings



“It is amusing to me to think (if not a little indulgent!) that my life’s work can be summed up in my book titles: I have been trying to understand Sexual Stigma, especially the case of the Making of the Modern Homosexual and subsequent Modern Homosexualities, through Documents of Life and Telling Sexual Stories in order to reach towards Intimate Citizenship! Little sensitising concepts, it seems, can shape whole books.

From: Studying sexualities for a better world: ten years  of sexualities ( Sexualities Vol 11: no1-2).

Look at the bibliography for a full listing.

Here are a few selected articles in full.

These pages are divided into themes: see

Critical Sexualities

Intimate Citizenship

Humanism and Symbolic Interactionism

Health and Transplant

Labelling Theory

Trashy Textbooks

Gay Cultures/Rights

Ethnography and Life Stories

Chicago Sociology

Poetic for Paul

Giving up Drink

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