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Critical Humanism: A Manifesto for a 21st Century (Cambridge, Polity, 2021). 

Sociology: The Basics (Routledge, 2010/2021) 3rd edition 2021

Pioneering Social Research: Life Stories of a Generation, with Paul Thompson and & Neli Demireva (Bristol, Policy Press, 2021)

Narrative Power: The Struggle for Human Value. (Cambridge, Polity, 2019).
Cosmopolitan Sexualities: Hope and the Humanist Imagination. (Cambridge: Polity, 2015)

Imaginations: Fifty Years of Essex Sociology. (Wivenhoe, Essex: Wivenbooks, 2014)

Sociology: The Basics (Routledge, 2010/2021) 3 editions through 2021

Criminology: A Sociological Introduction with Carrabine, Cox. Lee and South) (Routledge, 2004-12)). 2 editions 2004, 12).

Intimate Citizenship: Personal Decisions and Public Dialogues pp191 (University of Washington Press, 2003).

Sexualities (2002)   4 Volumes, pp1904, Routledge: London (An edited collection with critical assessments in four volumes with introductions and commentaries).

Documents of Life-2: An Invitation to a Critical Humanism (2001) (fully revised and much expanded edition of Documents of Life, 1983) pp315. London: Sage

Sociology: A Global Introduction (with John Macionis) Harlow (Pearson 1998- 2012) 5 editions. Through 5thedition 2012

The Chicago School (1997) 4 Volumes, pp1024 Routledge: London (An edited collection with critical assessments in four volumes with introductions and commentaries).

Telling Sexual Stories: Power, Intimacy and Social Worlds (1995) pp 244. Routledge:  London.

Modern Homosexualities: Fragments of Lesbian and Gay Experience (1992) Routledge: London (An edited collection of original articles with a lengthy introduction by the editor) pp281.

Symbolic Interactionism: Volume 2 Contemporary Issues (1991) Edward Elgar, Aldershot pp522; Volume 1 Foundation and History (1991) Edward Elgar, Aldershot, pp460. (two volumes of selected readings, each volume with an introduction by the author).

Documents of Life: An Introduction to the problems and literature of a Humanistic Method, (1983) Allen & Unwin, London, pp. l75.

The Making of the Modern Homosexual, (1981) Hutchinson, London, pp. 280.  

(An edited collection with four contributions from the editor).

Sexual Stigma: An Interactionist Account, (1975) Routledge and Kegan Paul, 

London, l pp. 258

Translated Books:

Sociology: The Basics 
Bah Indonesian (2012), Portuguese (2016), Korean (2017) Chinese (2019), Japan (2019), Spanish (2017). 
Sociology: A Global Introduction
Sociologia (Spanish edition of Sociology: translated by Critina Flesher Fominaya and others) Pearson/ Prentice Hall; 3rd ed 2007.
Sociologia (Spanish edition of Sociology: translated by Roberto Garvia, Celia Valiente, Santuiago Perez-Nievas & Laura Morales) Prentice Hall; 1999.
Telling Sexual Stories (1998), 
Japanese with new ‘Japanese’ introduction.
Documents of Life
Japanese edition of Documents of Life (1991) with new preface.
Los Documentos Personales: Introduccion a los problemas y la bibliografia del metodo humanista, (1989)  Siglio Veintiuno Editores, Mexico, Spain, Argentina & Colombia, (Spanish translation of Documents of Life).
Greek Edition of Documents of Life published in 2003: Gutenberg 

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