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Key Books

  1. Cosmopolitan Sexualities: Hope and the Humanist Imagination (Polity: 2015)
  2. Imaginations: Fifty Years of Essex Sociology ( Wivenbooks, 2014)
  3. Sociology: The Basics ( Routledge, 2010)
  4. Intimate Citizenship: Personal Decisions and Public Dialogues pp191 (University of Washington Press, 2003).
  5. Documents of Life-2: An Invitation to a Critical Humanism (2001) (fully revised and much expanded edition of Documents of Life, 1983) pp315. London: Sage
  6. Documents of Life: An Introduction to the problems and literature of a Humanistic Method, (1983) Allen & Unwin, London, pp. l75.
  7. Telling Sexual Stories: Power, Intimacy and Social Worlds (1995) pp 244. Routledge:  London.
  8. Sexual Stigma: An Interactionist Account, (1975) Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, l pp. 258
  9. Five editions of  Sociology: A Global Introduction, pp795, with John Macionis (Pearson Education, since 1998
  10. Two editions of Criminology: A Sociological Introduction  (with Carrabine, Cox. Lee  and South) (Routledge, 2009).
  11. Sexualities (2002)   4 Volumes, pp1904, Routledge: London (An edited collection with critical assessments in four volumes with introductions and commentaries).
  12. The Chicago School (1997) 4 Volumes, pp1024 Routledge : London  (An edited  collection with critical assessments in four volumes with introductions and commentaries).
  13. Modern Homosexualities : Fragments of Lesbian and Gay Experience (1992) Routledge: London (An edited collection of original articles with a lengthy introduction by the editor) pp281.
  14. Symbolic Interactionism: Volume 2 Contemporary Issues (1991) Edward Elgar, Aldershot pp522 (two volumes of selected readings, each volume with an introduction by the author).
  15. The Making of the Modern Homosexual, (1981) Hutchinson, London, pp. 280.  (An edited collection with four contributions from the editor).

 Translation of Books:

Sociology: The Basics – in Bha Indonesian (2012),
Sociologia (Spanish edition of Sociology: translated by Critina Flesher Fominaya and others) Pearson/ Prentice Hall; 3rd ed 2007.

Sociologia (Spanish edition of Sociology: translated by Roberto Garvia, Celia Valiente, Santuiago Perez-Nievas & Laura Morales) Prentice Hall; 1999.
Japanese edition of Telling Sexual Stories (1998), with new ‘Japanese’ introduction.
Japanese edition of Documents of Life (1991) with new preface.

Los Documentos Personales: Introduccion a los problemas y la bibliografia del metodo humanista, (1989)  Siglio Veintiuno Editores, Mexico, Spain, Argentina & Colombia, (Spanish translation of Documents of Life).

Greek Edition of Documents of Life published in 2003: Gutenberg

Spanish Volume of Selected Essays  edited Juan Zarco with intro by Norman Denzin

Articles since 2000

For 60 earlier publications see CV.

  1. 2012 ‘My Multiple Sick Bodies: Symbolic Interaction, Auto/ethnography and  the Sick Body’ – in Bryan S. Turner ed Blackwell Handbook of the Body
  2. 2012  ‘ Towards a Cosmopolitan Symbolic Interactionism’   in Andrea Salvini, Josspeh A Katarba &  Bryce Merrill,  Symbolic Interactionism, Proceedings of the 1st Symposium Pisa201, 2012 p23-33
  3.  2012 ‘Critical Sexualities Studies’ – in George Ritzer ed Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Sociology Blackwell  (2012) p243-268
  4. 2011: ‘Critical Humanism & Queer Theory’ with new afterword and comment ‘Moving On’: 4th edition of Norman Denzin and Yvonna Lincoln The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research
  5. 2011: ‘Labelling Theory Revisited: Forty years on’ in Helge Peters & Michael Dellwing eds Langweiliges Verbrechen (Boring Crimes)  Weisbaden: VS Verlag p83-103
  6. 2010 ‘Generational Sexualities, Subterranean Traditions, and the Hauntings of the Sexual World: Some Preliminary Remarks. Symbolic Interaction. Vol 33. N0 2 p163-191
  7. 2010 ‘The Social Reality of Sexual Rights’, in Peter Aggleton at al eds Routledge Handbook of Sexuality, Health and Rights . Routledge. P45-55
  8. 2009 ‘Outsiders, Deviants and Countercultures: Subterranean Tribes and Queer Imaginations’  in Gurminder Bhambra and Ipek Demir 1968 in Retrospect: Amnesia, Alterity. Palgrave
  9. 2009 A quiet catharsis of comprehension: a poetic for Paul’ Symbolic Interaction, 32: 3, p174-6.
  10. Studying Sexualities for a Better World? Ten years of Sexualities’ Editor’s Introductory Essay to the 10th Anniversary  Edition of Sexualities Volume 11,  No1-2 p7-22
  11. ‘Herbert Blumer’ in Rob Stones ed, Key Sociological Thinkers, London : MacMillan, 2007 2nd ed.
  12.  Editorial Adviser and contributor for The Encyclopaedia of Sociology (11 volumes). General editor:     George Ritzer. Blackwell (2007).
  13.  ‘The Flow of Boundaries : Gays, Queers and Intimate Citizenship’, in Christine Chinkin et al: Crime, Social Control and Human Rights: From moral panics to states of denial :Essays in Honour of Stanley Cohen. Devon: Willan Publishing (2007)
  14.  ‘Queers, Bodies and Post-Modern Sexualities: A Note on Revisiting the “Sexual”    in M. Kimmel  The Sexual Self ( Essays in Honour of John Gagnon). Vanderbilt University Press (reprinted from Symbolic Interactionism’ Qualitative Sociology, Vol. 26 No 4 Winter 2003 p513–529)
  15.  ‘Rights Work: constructing lesbian, gay and sexual rights in late modern times’ Rights ed Lydia Morris. (Routledge: 2006: Ch 8 p152-167).
  16. ‘Intimate Citizenship in an Unjust World’  in The Blackwell Companion to Social Inequalities edited by Mary Romero & Judith Howard (Blackwell, 2005 : Ch 4 p75-99)

17. Sexual Conduct: Thirty Years On’. Introduction’ to 2nd edition of Gagnon and Simon’s  Sexual Conduct: (Aldine, 2005).

18. The Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature, Fitzroy Dearborn. Editorial contributions.

19. Critical Humanism and Queer Theory: Living with the Tensions’’ for 3rd edition of Handbook of Qualitative Research edited by Norman K Denzin and Yvonne Lincoln     (Sage: 2005), London..

20. ‘Humanistic Research and the Polish Peasant’.  Preface to Spanish Edition of  ‘The Polish Peasant in Europe and America’ translated by Juan Zarco.

21. ‘The Flow of Boundaries In a Late Modern World: The Case of Gays, Queers and Intimate Citizenship’  Actas de Encontros em Sociologia, Uinervisdade do minho, Maio de 2004 pp25-50 (Portuguese Journal of Sociology, ed. Ana Maria Brandao et al).

22. ‘Sociological Identity: An interview with Professor Ken Plummer translated by A.Rkyun’ / ‘Sociologicheskaya identitchnost:intervju s Professorom K. Plummerom / prevod A.Rykuna. Journal of Sociology (Sociologicheski Zurnal), Quarterly, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of of Sociology, Moscow. 2004 p143-157  Vols 3 & 4.

23. ‘ Male Sexuality’ in The Handbook of Masculinity Studies, edited by Robert  Connell, Jeff Hearn & Michael Kimmel (Sage, 2004)

24. ‘‘Social Worlds, Social Change and The New Sexualities Theories’ in Belinda Brooks-Gordon, Loraine Gelsthorpe, Martin Johnson and Andrew Bainham eds. Sexuality Repositioned: Diversity and the Law. (Hart: 2004)(from Cambridge Symposium,   April 2003)

25. The Encyclopaedia of Social Science Research Methods: Sage. Editorial Adviser and Editorial Contributions.

26. ‘Homosexuality’ ‘Queer Theory’ and ‘Labelling Theory’ entries for 3rd edition of  International Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences  (ed A Kuper) 2004 Routledge.

27. The Sexual Spectacle: Making a Public Culture of Sexual Problems’ in George  Ritzer ed  The Handbook of International Social Problems, Sage (2003).

28. ‘Queers, Bodies and Post-Modern Sexualities: A Note on Revisiting the “Sexual”    in Symbolic Interactionism’ Qualitative Sociology, Vol. 26 No 4 Winter 2003 p513–529

29. ‘Continuity and Change in Howard S. Becker’s work: An Interview with Howard S.  Becker.’  Sociological Perspectives. Vol. 46.No 1.p21-40 (Feb, 2003).

30. ‘Rethinking the Sexual in Sociology: Bringing the Body Back In’ Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia. November. 2002. (Original article, translated directly into Italian)

31. ‘Critical Humanism in a Post-Modern World’ Studies in Symbolic Interaction, Volume 25, 2001 p291-301.

32. ‘The Square of Intimate Citizenship’ Citizenship Studies, Vol 5, No 3, November 2001 p237-53.

33. ‘Gay Cultures / Straight Borders’, in David Morley and Kevin Robbins eds British Cultural Studies, Oxford : Oxford University Press (2001) Ch 25, p387-398.

34. ‘Queering the Interview’, with Travis Kong and Dan Mahoney in Jaber Gubrium et al eds The Handbook of Interviewing, London, Sage ( 2001)p239-58.

  1. 35.  ‘In Memoriam: William Simon’ Sexualities Vol 4, No 3. May 2001.

36. ‘The Call of Life Stories in Ethnographic Research’  Paul Atkinson et al eds The Handbook of Ethnography, London: Sage (2001)p395-406.

37. “Symbolic Interactionism in the Twentieth Century”, in Bryan Turner ed A Companion to Social Theory, Blackwell;  revised version for second edition (2000) p193-222.

38. ‘Mapping the Sociological Gay: Pasts, Presents and Futures of a Sociology of  Same Sex Relations’ in Theo Sandfort, Judith Schuyf, Jan Willem Duyvcendak & JeffreyWeeks ed  Lesbian and Gay Studies :  An Introductory, Interdisplinary Approach London : Sage (2000) p46-60.

‘Intimate Choices’ , in Gary Browing, Abigail Halci & Frank Webster eds Theory and Society : Understanding the Present  London : Sage, 2000.

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