Cosmopolitan Sexualities: Contents Page

Cosmopolitan Sexualities: Hope and the Humanist Imagination

Ken Plummer

Contents Page


A troubled world – A tale to tell – An infinity of lists
Part One: Humanism and the making of cosmopolitan sexualities

1. Plural Sexualities: Making valued human lives
Plural lives – Contingency and the varieties of sexual experience – Critical humanism – Humanist troubles – Vulnerability and the dignity of the self – Plural values, valued lives – Search for common humanities- A world ethics for critical humanism – Valued sexual lives
2. Transformational Sexualities: Making twenty first century sexual lives
Transformational sexualities – Techno sexualities – Mediated sexualities- Electronic sexualities – Familial sexualities – Gendered sexualities – Violent sexualities- Post-Honour sexualities- Sacred, secular and fundamentalist sexualities- Urban sexualities- AIDS and sexualities- Divided sexualities/pauperised sexualities – Individualized/reflexive sexualities – Migrating, diasporic and hybrid sexualities – – Globalised sexualities – Conclusion: Making sexual politics

3. Cosmopolitan Sexualities: Living with different lives
On cosmopolitanism – Constructing cosmopolitan sexualities in a global arena – Troubles ahead: the contradictions and limits of cosmopolitanism – The (very) long walk to cosmopolitan sexualities


Part Two: Humanism and the Nudging Towards Inclusive Sexualities
4.Cultural Sexualities: Cultivating awareness of complexity

Global sexualities and research – World cultures and macro sexualities – Impure cultures and subterranean sexualities – Local cultures and micro sexualities – Conclusion: complex cultures
5.Contested Sexualities: Inventing enemies, Making boundaries
Scaling the battlegroundsDivisive sexualities, Agonistic politics The fault line of Contested sexualities – On boundaries, belonging and the vulnerabilities of normativity – Vulnerable sexualities- Looking ahead
6. Communicative Sexualities: On the hope and empathy for a common global humanity
Empathic sexualities – Narrative sexualities – Dialogic sexualities – Ethical sexualities- Democratic sexualities – Bleak Sexualities: Negative TalesHopeful Sexualities: Positive TalesThe little grounded everyday ‘utopian’ processes of global hope – In the End

Epilogue: Contingent Sexualities: Dancing into the sexual labyrinth
Personal tales – Textual tales – Research tales – Political tales – Troubled tales – Mobile tales –

1: The search for stories of an ethically grounded global humanity
2: Sexual rights at the United Nations: creating a global common ground though social movements

Notes and sources
References and bibliography

Index: 100 samples of multiple sexualities
Index: General


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