And so what is Cosmopolitan Sexualities?

Cosmopolitan Sexualities are those sexualities that live convivially and reciprocally with a variety of the diverse genders and sexualities of others, both within and across cultures.

This usually entails an awareness of:

  1. An ontology of a real global humanistic universalism of sexual and gender differences.
  2. A recognition of human sexual differences as being part of what counts as being human.
  3. An imagination of ‘openness’ and ‘tolerance’ towards sexual differences; often accompanied by a playful sense of irony, paradox, and contradiction.
  4. An agon of perpetual conflicts about these sexual differences, the source of much human suffering.
  5. A politics of sexual differences connecting local political struggles with global ones through dialogue and a search for common grounds.
  6. A social structure of social solidarity of reciprocal inter and intra cultural awareness of sexual differences, becoming enshrined in rights, institutions and everyday practices.
  7. A social psychology of tangled emotional and biographical differentiated gendered and sexualised bodies, suggesting the need for self-awareness, empathy and dialogue stretching through a ‘circle of others’ spreading across the globe.
  8. An ethics which fosters a global sense of empathy, care, justice, dignity and a flourishing of different lives living together well.
  9. A legal framework of international laws that provide frameworks for organizing the diverse sexualities in the modern world.
  10. A pragmatic, grounded everyday ‘utopian’ process of people living together and learning from each others sexual and gender differences enabling the making of better world for all.

    From pages 11-12

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