Cosmopolitan Sexualities: Basic ReadingList



more detailed reading lists on selected aspects marked with an * can be found on the web site

*On Critical Humanism

Hannah Arendt                            The Human Condition (1958)
George Herbert Mead                  Mind, Self and Society (1933)
Hans Joas                                     The Sacredness of the Person (2013)
Bryan S Turner                            Human Rights and Vulnerability (2006)
Bruce Mazlish                              The Idea of Humanity in a Global Era (2009)

On Cosmopolitanism

Gerard Delanty                            The Cosmopolitan Imagination (2009)
Robert Fine                                  Cosmopolitanism (2007)
Gerard Delanty ed                        The Routledge Handbook of Cosmpolitanism (2012)
Nira Yuval-Davis                         The Politics of Belonging (2011)
Stan Van Hooft                             Cosmopolitanism: A Philosophy for Global Ethics (2009)

*On Global Sexual Politics

Richard Parker at al                      Sex Politics: Reports from the Front Lines ( 2010)
Sonia Correa, Rosalind Petchesky & Peter Aggleton  Sexuality, Health and Human Rights  (2008) 
Peter Aggleton & Richard Parker    Routledge Handbook of Sexuality, Health and Rights  (2010)
Rosalind Petchesky,                     Global Prescriptions : Gendering Health and Human rights  (2003)
Jon Binnie                                   The Globalization of Sexuality (2004)
Julian C.H. Lee                           Policing Sexuality: Sex, Society and the State (2011)
Corrine Lennox & Matthew Waites Human Rights, Sexual Orioentation & Gender Identity in the Commonwealth  (2013)
François Girard                           “Negotiating Sexual Rights and Sexual Orientation at the UN’  In Richard Parker at al   Sex  Politics: Reports from the Front Line   e book

*On Complex and Mutliple Hybridic Cultures

Seyla Benhabib                           The Claims of Culture: Equality and Diversity in the Global Era (2002)
Peter Burke                                 Cultural Hybridty  (2009)
Kwame Anthony Appiah              The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen (2010)
Mukhtar Mai                              In the Name of Honour (2007)

*On Diverse Sexual Cultures: An Opening Sample

Sylvia Tamale                              African Sexualities: A Reader (2011)
Peter Aggleton, Paul Boyce, Henrietta L Moore and Richard Parker Understanding Global Sexualities: New Frontiers (2012)
Padilla, Mark.B. et al                   Love and Globalization  (2007)
Parker, Richard                           Beneath the Equator: Cultures of Desire, Male Homosexuality and Emerging Gay Communities in Brazil  1999 Routledge
Epprecht, Marc                           Sexuality and Social Justice in Africa (2013)
Kong, Travis                              Male Homosexualities in China  (2010)
Vanita, Ruth                               Love’s Rite: Same-sex marriage in India and the West  (2005)

*On Conflicting Diverse Sexual Cultures

Lila Abu-Lughod                         Do Muslim Women Need Saving? (2011) Harvard
Momin Rahman                           Homosexualities, Muslim Cultures and Modernity (2014) Palgrave
Carole S Vance                           Pleasure and Danger (1984)/ Andrea Dworkin Pornography (1981)
Lisa Duggan and Nan Hunter     Sex Wars   2nd ed
Ratna Kapur                                Erotic Justice  (2005)
Patricia Elliot                               Debates in Transgender, Queer and Feminist Theory: Contested Sites (2010)
J. Jack Halberstam                       Gaga Feminism : Sex, Gender and the End of Normal (2012)
Joseph A Massad                         Desiring Arabs (2008)
Jasbir K Puar                              Terrorist Assemblages : Homonationalism in Queer Times (2007)

See also: Amoz Oz                      How to cure a fanatic  (2004/2012)

On the Need for Empathy in Cosmopolitanism

Michael Slote                             The Ethics of Care and Empathy(2007)
Fonna Forman-Barzilai                  Adam Smith and the Circles of Sympathy: Cosmopolitanism and Moral Theory (2010)
Simon Baron- Cohen                   Zero Degrees of  Empathy ( 2011)
Jeremy Rifkin                             The Empathic Civilization (2009)

On Religions and their values

Martha Nussbaum                        The New Religious Intolerance: Overcoming the Politics of Fear in an Anxious Age (2012)
Ulrich Beck                                A God of One’s Own: Religion’s Capacity for Peace and Potential for Violence (2010) Polity
Peter Berger                                The Descularization of the World 1999 Washington
Pippa Norris and Ronald Inglehart Sacred and Secular: Religion and World Politics (2011 2nd ed) Cambridge
————————–                      Rising Tide: Gender Equality and Cultural Change around the world  (2003) Cambridge

On the Problem of Inequalities

Piketty, Thomas                          Capital (2014)
Teunis, Niels &  Gil Herdt           Sexual Inequalities and Social Justice  (2007) Routledge
Goran Therborn                           Inequalities of the World 2006 Verso
Sylvia Walby                             Globalization and Inequalities (2009) Sage
Ken Plummer                             ‘Intimate Citizenship in an Unjust World’ in The Blackwell Companion to Social Inequalities edited by Mary Romero & Judith Howard (Blackwell, 2005 : Ch 4 p75-99)

On Common Grounds

Dialogic Ethics and the search for Common Grounds

Bakhtin, Michel                          The Dialogic Imagination
Arendt , Hannah                          The Human Condition
Habermas, Jurgen                        Moral Consciousness and Communicative Action (1992) Polity
Ronald C. Arnett et al                  Communication, Ethics, Literacy: Dialogue and Difference. 2009
Frank, Arthur                              Letting Stories Breathe: A Socio-Narratology (2010) Sage
Ken Plummer                              Intimate Citizenship (2003) Washington

Common Grounds: Global Ethics

Stan Van Hooft                           Cosmopolitan: A Philosophy for Global Ethics  (2009)
Heather Widdows                        Global Ethics: An Introduction (2011)
Rodrique Tremblay                      The Code for Global Ethics: Toward a Humanist Civilization (2009)

Common Grounds: On Rights and Sexual Rights

Kay Schafer & Sidonie Smith        Human Rights and Narrated Lives (2004) Palgrave
Micheline R Ishay                       The History of Human Rights: From ancient times to the globalization era   (2004)
——————                              The Human Rights Reader  ( 2nd ed 2007 Routledge)
Bryan S Turner (2006)                 Human Rights and Vulnerability
Rosalind Petchesky                      ‘Sexual Rights: Inventing a Concept, Mapping an International Practice’. In Richard Parker et al eds Framing the Sexual Subject: The Politics of Gender, Sexuality and Power (2000) California
Sonia Correa, Rosalind Petchesky & Peter Aggleton  Sexuality, Health and Human Rights  (2008)  Paul Hunt and Judith Beno de Mesquita ( Essex) The Rights to Sexual and Reproductive Health:  Access on
Ken Plummer                             ‘Rights Work: constructing lesbian, gay and sexual rights in late modern times’ Rights ed Lydia Morris. (Routledge: 2006: Ch 8 p152-167).
Vanessa Baird                             Sex, Love and Homophobia. 2004. Amnesty International.
Stephen Hopgood                        The End Times of Human Rights (2013)
Lawrence Friedman                     The Human Rights Culture (2011)
Anthony Woodiwiss                    Human Rights (2005) Routledge
Fagan, Andrew                            The Atlas of Human Rights  2010 Myriad
Morris, Lydia  ed                        Rights: Sociological Perspectives 2006  Routledge
Lukes, Steven                             ‘Five Fables About  Human Rights’ in On Human Rights ed Stephen Shute

Common Grounds: On capabilities

The work of Martha Nussbaum

Martha Nussbaum                        Creating Capabilities (2011) Harvard
Cultivating Humanity.  (1997) Harvard
Martha Nussbaum                        Women and human development (2000) Cambridge. Chapter1
Martha Nussbaum                        From Disgust to Humanity: Sexual Orientation and Constitutional Law (2010)
Amrita Chhachhi & Howard Nicholas “Forum 2006”, in Development and Change (2006) Vol 37, No6 especially article by Nussbaum who replies to the debates.

For an interview with her, see Conversations with History: Martha Nussbaum on the Youtube at
Special issues of the journal Signs: Globalization and Gender, Vol 26, No 4 (2001)

and for a textbook on the whole tradition, see:
Sevrine Deneulin et al                  An Introduction to the Human Development and Capability Approach: Freedom and Agency   (2009) Earthscan

Common Grounds:  Justice
Amartya Sen                               The Idea of Justice (2009) Allen Lane.
Michael Sandel                           Justice: What’s the right thing to do? (2007/2009) Penguin
Iris Marion Young                       Justice and the politics of difference (1990) Princeton
Nancy Fraser                               ‘From Redistribution to Recognition: Dilemmas of Justice in a ‘Post-socialist’ Age’.     in Nancy FraserJustice Interruptus (1997: Chapter 1)
————                                                The Scales of Justice.

On The Inevitability of Disappointment  and the Importance of Hope

Jeffrey Weeks                              The World We Have Won ( 2007)
Ernest Bloch                               The Principle of Hope (1938-47)
Ruth Levitas                                Utopia as Method (2014)
Sara Ahmed                                The Promise of Happiness (2010)
Roger Scruton                             The Used of Pessimism  and the Danger of False Hope (2010)
Ian Craib                                    The Importance of Disappointment (1994)
Eric Olin Wright                          Envisioning Real Utopias  ( 2010)



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