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For over 40 years I worried about things sociological; now I have time to stand and stare.

Poetics: generations

Poetics Quoting Humanisms I am very interested in the problem of generations. A dear old friend recently sent me this fragment of a poem by Andreas Gryphius, a survivor of the 30 years war in what became known as Prussia. (11  October 1616 – 16 July 1664). Each healing breath in lost thin air must…

Intimate Citizenship

INTIMATE CITIZENSHIP  Today I have started a page which will hopefully  slowly piece together some of my writings and thoughts on this idea ( Go to: Selected Writings/ Intimate Citizenship).   I first recall thinking of the idea walking along a beach in Santa Barbara in the early 1990’s as I was completing Modern Homosexualities…

Article: My Multiple Sick Bodies

Below is my most recent article published in April 2012. It is my first published piece based on my illness. MY MULTIPLE SICK BODIES: SYMBOLIC INTERACTIONISM, AUTOETHNOGRAPHY AND EMBODIMENT   Ken Plummer   Published in Bryan S Turner ed.  Routledge Handbook of Body Studies 2012: Routledge p75-93   What happens when my body breaks down…


Quoting Humanisms




‘One must be fond of people and trust them if one is not to make a mess of life’
E M Forster What I Believe

One must be fond of people and trust them if one is not to make a mess of life

E.M. Forster Two Cheers for democracy: What I Believe

Quoting Humanisms

Shakespeare- that great old humanist!

Love all. Trust a few.
Do wrong to none.

Shakespeare All’s well that ends well

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