Articles since 2000

Articles since 2000

  1. 2015 Liberating Generations: Continuities and Change in the Radical Queer Western Era – in David Paternotte and Manon Tremblay Ashgate Companion to Lesbian and Gay Activism
  2. 2013 Manifesto fro Social Stories from Liz Stanley Documents of Life Revisited : See Manifestos
  3. 2013 Manifesto for Critical Humanism – in Daniel Nehring  Sociology: see Manifestos
  4. 2012 ‘My Multiple Sick Bodies: Symbolic Interaction, Auto/ethnography and  the Sick Body’ – in Bryan S. Turner ed Blackwell Handbook of the Body
  5. 2012  ‘ Towards a Cosmopolitan Symbolic Interactionism’   in Andrea Salvini, Josspeh A Katarba &  Bryce Merrill,  Symbolic Interactionism, Proceedings of the 1st Symposium Pisa201, 2012 p23-33
  6.  2012 ‘Critical Sexualities Studies’ – in George Ritzer ed Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Sociology Blackwell  (2012) p243-268
  7. 2011: ‘Critical Humanism & Queer Theory’ with new afterword and comment ‘Moving On’: 4th edition of Norman Denzin and Yvonna Lincoln The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research
  8. 2011: ‘Labelling Theory Revisited: Forty years on’ in Helge Peters & Michael Dellwing eds Langweiliges Verbrechen (Boring Crimes)  Weisbaden: VS Verlag p83-103
  9. 2010 ‘Generational Sexualities, Subterranean Traditions, and the Hauntings of the Sexual World: Some Preliminary Remarks. Symbolic Interaction. Vol 33. N0 2 p163-191
  10. 2010 ‘The Social Reality of Sexual Rights’, in Peter Aggleton at al eds Routledge Handbook of Sexuality, Health and Rights . Routledge. P45-55
  11. 2009 ‘Outsiders, Deviants and Countercultures: Subterranean Tribes and Queer Imaginations’  in Gurminder Bhambra and Ipek Demir 1968 in Retrospect: Amnesia, Alterity. Palgrave
  12. 2009 ‘ A quiet catharsis of comprehension: a poetic for Paul’ Symbolic Interaction, 32: 3, p174-6.
  13. Studying Sexualities for a Better World? Ten years of Sexualities’ Editor’s Introductory Essay to the 10th Anniversary  Edition of Sexualities Volume 11,  No1-2 p7-22
  14. ‘Herbert Blumer’ in Rob Stones ed, Key Sociological Thinkers, London : MacMillan, 2007 2nd ed.
  15.  Editorial Adviser and contributor for The Encyclopaedia of Sociology (11 volumes). General editor:     George Ritzer. Blackwell (2007).
  16.  ‘The Flow of Boundaries : Gays, Queers and Intimate Citizenship’, in Christine Chinkin et al: Crime, Social Control and Human Rights: From moral panics to states of denial :Essays in Honour of Stanley Cohen. Devon: Willan Publishing (2007)
  17.  ‘Queers, Bodies and Post-Modern Sexualities: A Note on Revisiting the “Sexual”    in M. Kimmel  The Sexual Self ( Essays in Honour of John Gagnon). Vanderbilt University Press (reprinted from Symbolic Interactionism’ Qualitative Sociology, Vol. 26 No 4 Winter 2003 p513–529)
  18.  ‘Rights Work: constructing lesbian, gay and sexual rights in late modern times’ Rights ed Lydia Morris. (Routledge: 2006: Ch 8 p152-167).
  19. ‘Intimate Citizenship in an Unjust World’  in The Blackwell Companion to Social Inequalities edited by Mary Romero & Judith Howard (Blackwell, 2005 : Ch 4 p75-99)
  20.  Sexual Conduct: Thirty Years On’. Introduction’ to 2nd edition of Gagnon and Simon’s  Sexual Conduct: (Aldine, 2005).
  21. The Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature, Fitzroy Dearborn. Editorial contributions.
  22.  Critical Humanism and Queer Theory: Living with the Tensions’’ for 3rd edition of Handbook of Qualitative Research edited by Norman K Denzin and Yvonne Lincoln     (Sage: 2005), London..
  23.  ‘Humanistic Research and the Polish Peasant’.  Preface to Spanish Edition of  ‘The Polish Peasant in Europe and America’ translated by Juan Zarco.

21. ‘The Flow of Boundaries In a Late Modern World: The Case of Gays, Queers and Intimate Citizenship’  Actas de Encontros em Sociologia, Uinervisdade do minho, Maio de 2004 pp25-50 (Portuguese Journal of Sociology, ed. Ana Maria Brandao et al).

22. ‘Sociological Identity: An interview with Professor Ken Plummer translated by A.Rkyun’ / ‘Sociologicheskaya identitchnost:intervju s Professorom K. Plummerom / prevod A.Rykuna. Journal of Sociology (Sociologicheski Zurnal), Quarterly, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of of Sociology, Moscow. 2004 p143-157  Vols 3 & 4.

23. ‘ Male Sexuality’ in The Handbook of Masculinity Studies, edited by Robert  Connell, Jeff Hearn & Michael Kimmel (Sage, 2004)

24. ‘‘Social Worlds, Social Change and The New Sexualities Theories’ in Belinda Brooks-Gordon, Loraine Gelsthorpe, Martin Johnson and Andrew Bainham eds. Sexuality Repositioned: Diversity and the Law. (Hart: 2004)(from Cambridge Symposium,   April 2003)

25. The Encyclopaedia of Social Science Research Methods: Sage. Editorial Adviser and Editorial Contributions.

26. ‘Homosexuality’ ‘Queer Theory’ and ‘Labelling Theory’ entries for 3rd edition of  International Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences  (ed A Kuper) 2004 Routledge.

27. The Sexual Spectacle: Making a Public Culture of Sexual Problems’ in George  Ritzer ed  The Handbook of International Social Problems, Sage (2003).

28. ‘Queers, Bodies and Post-Modern Sexualities: A Note on Revisiting the “Sexual”    in Symbolic Interactionism’ Qualitative Sociology, Vol. 26 No 4 Winter 2003 p513–529

29. ‘Continuity and Change in Howard S. Becker’s work: An Interview with Howard S.  Becker.’  Sociological Perspectives. Vol. 46.No 1.p21-40 (Feb, 2003).

30. ‘Rethinking the Sexual in Sociology: Bringing the Body Back In’ Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia. November. 2002. (Original article, translated directly into Italian)

31. ‘Critical Humanism in a Post-Modern World’ Studies in Symbolic Interaction, Volume 25, 2001 p291-301.

32. ‘The Square of Intimate Citizenship’ Citizenship Studies, Vol 5, No 3, November 2001 p237-53.

33. ‘Gay Cultures / Straight Borders’, in David Morley and Kevin Robbins eds British Cultural Studies, Oxford : Oxford University Press (2001) Ch 25, p387-398.

34. ‘Queering the Interview’, with Travis Kong and Dan Mahoney in Jaber Gubrium et al eds The Handbook of Interviewing, London, Sage ( 2001)p239-58.

35.  ‘In Memoriam: William Simon’ Sexualities Vol 4, No 3. May 2001.

36. ‘The Call of Life Stories in Ethnographic Research’  Paul Atkinson et al eds The Handbook of Ethnography, London: Sage (2001)p395-406.

37. “Symbolic Interactionism in the Twentieth Century”, in Bryan Turner ed A Companion to Social Theory, Blackwell;  revised version for second edition (2000) p193-222.

38. ‘Mapping the Sociological Gay: Pasts, Presents and Futures of a Sociology of  Same Sex Relations’ in Theo Sandfort, Judith Schuyf, Jan Willem Duyvcendak & JeffreyWeeks ed  Lesbian and Gay Studies :  An Introductory, Interdisplinary Approach London : Sage (2000) p46-60.

39. ‘Intimate Choices’ , in Gary Browing, Abigail Halci & Frank Webster eds Theory and Society : Understanding the Present  London : Sage, 2000.

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