List of Post 2007 publications

Ken’s post-illness and current ‘retirement’ publications since ‘recovery’ in 2007


Cosmopolitan Sexualities: Hope and the Humanist Imagination. Cambridge: Polity, 2015

Ed. Imaginations: Fifty Years of Essex Sociology. Wivenhoe, Essex: Wivenbooks, 2014

Sociology: The Basics. London: Routledge, 2010 (and also published in Indonesia)

5th edition Sociology: A Global Introduction. (With Macionis) Harlow: Pearson, 2012

4th edition Sociology: A Global Introduction. (With Macionis) Harlow: Pearson, 2008

2nd edition Criminology: A Sociological Introduction. (With Carrabine et al) Oxford: Routledge, 2008


Forthcoming ‘Narrative Power, Sexual Stories and the Politics of Story Telling’ in Ivor Goodson ed The International Handbook on Life Stories and Narratives

2015 ‘Afterword: Liberating Generations: Continuities And Change in The Radical Queer Western Era’ in David Paternotte and Manon Tremblay, eds (2015) Ashgate Companion to Lesbian and Gay Activism. Ashgate
2014 ‘No Other Way’ in Todd E. Maclean Global Chorus: 365 Voices on the Future of the Planet. Toronto: Rocky Mountain Books
“Meeting Men: A Poetic for Henning”
2013 ‘A Manifesto for Social Stories’ in Liz Stanley ed, Documents of Life for the 21st Century Ashgate
2013 ‘ A Manifesto for Critical Humanism in Sociology’ in Daniel Nehring: Sociology – a Text and Reader. Pearson
2013 “Editorial Changeover: Farewell to Sexualities” Sexualities Vol 16, No 7 October pp755-63
2012 ‘My Multiple Sick Bodies: Symbolic Interaction, Auto/ethnography and the Sick Body’ – in Bryan S. Turner ed Blackwell Handbook of the Body
2012 ‘ Towards a Cosmopolitan Symbolic Interactionism’ in Andrea Salvini, Josspeh A Katarba & Bryce Merrill, Symbolic Interactionism, Proceedings of the 1st Symposium Pisa 2012 p23-33
2012 ‘Critical Sexualities Studies’ – in George Ritzer ed Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Sociology Blackwell (2012) p243-268
2011: ‘Critical Humanism & Queer Theory’ with new afterword and comment ‘Moving On’: 4th edition of Norman Denzin and Yvonna Lincoln The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research
2011: ‘Labelling Theory Revisited: Forty years on’ in Helge Peters & Michael Dellwing eds Langweiliges Verbrechen (Boring Crimes) Weisbaden: VS Verlag p83-103
2011: “Foreword: Hybridic sexualities and the search for global intimate citizenship: introduction to…..” Travis Kong: Chinese Male Homosexualities. Routledg p xiii-xix
2010: ‘Generational Sexualities, Subterranean Traditions, and the Hauntings of the Sexual World: Some Preliminary Remarks. Symbolic Interaction. Vol 33. N0 2 p163-191
‘A Poetic for Paul’ in David Downes et al The eternal Recurrence of Crime and Control: Essays in Honur of Paul Rock. Oxford: Clarendon (2010)
2010: ‘The Social Reality of Sexual Rights’, in Peter Aggleton at al eds Routledge Handbook of Sexuality, Health and Rights . Routledge. P45-55
2009 ‘Outsiders, Deviants and Countercultures: Subterranean Tribes and Queer Imaginations’ in Gurminder Bhambra and Ipek Demir 1968 in Retrospect: Amnesia, Alterity. Palgrave
2009 ‘A quiet catharsis of comprehension: a poetic for Paul’ Symbolic Interaction, 32: 3, p174-6.
2009 ‘On Narrative Pluralism’ Preface to Phillip L. Hammack & Bertram J.Cohler eds The Story of Sexual Identity: Narrative Perspectives on the Gay and Lesbian Life Course
2008: Studying Sexualities for a Better World? Ten years of Sexualities’ Editor’s Introductory Essay to the 10th Anniversary Edition of Sexualities Volume 11, No1-2 p7-22
Some recent invited talks and keynotes

2015 ‘Telling Sexual Stories Twenty Years On” University of Durham, July 2015

2015 ‘ Fifty Years of Sexual Stories’ University of Sussex, May 2015

2014: ‘Telling Sexual Stories Twenty Years On: Towards A Humanist Politics Of Storytelling’ Troubling Narratives: Identity Matters University of Huddersfield

June 19th-20th 2014

2014: ‘Cosmopolitan Sexualities’ Amsterdam Research Centre For Gender And Sexuality May

2012: A Manifesto for a Critical Humanism in Sociology. VI Congreso Andaluz de Sociologiá, Cadiz November 2012

2011: Tales of a Critical Humanist. British Sociological Association. Presidential Lecture- 60th Anniversity. British Library. 17th October

Dreaming of a Better World: The Pragmatic Imagination in Everyday Life. University of Kassel. Germany. July 21st. 2nd European Conference on Symbolic Interaction. (Plenary)
Symbolic Interactionism, Narrative and the Sick Body: Personal Reflections. Centre for Narrative Study, University of East London. 23rd March.

Memories of Symbolic Interaction. Pisa. June
‘Generational Sexualities’ Hong Kong University. March
‘Subterranean Traditions Rising’: The Year that Enid Blyton Died’ British Sociological Conference on 1968. July. Birkbeck College

2008 Construzione sociale della differeza e dell’abuso sessuale. University of Catania. 6th June

2005 Intimate Inequalities and Globalisation (Closing Plenary lecture: University of Colorado, February 2005) (unpublished).

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