Why Ken’s Web-Blog?

Why Ken’s Web-Blog?


Trifles make the sum of  life…….’ David Copperfield ( Charles Dickens)

The world has millions of  unread, unfinished and unloved  webs and blogs: it does not need another. So why have I done this?

I have made this site mainly for fun. It is one of life’s little trifles or diversions. I am semi-retired and I have enjoyed putting it together. It was a chance for me to bring a little organisation on my past working life and a little chance to reminisce and reflect on a few matters dear to me.

I have no interest in the web-blog cultivating a wide readership or audience; I am not on Facebook and I do not Tweet.  I get a lot of unwanted e mails telling me how to make this blog make money and gain a wider audience; but this is of no interest to me.

Along the way, I hope that a few people may need to find the odd article I have written in the past and may have some interest in some aspect of my past work.

I hope they will be able to find some leads here.

                                        If you are interested, I hope you enjoy it.

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