SOCIOLOGY: THE BASICS 3rd edition is now published


Yesterday, the third edition of Sociology: The Basics was published. It started life back in 2010, and has been translated into six languages: in South Korea, Indonesia, Portuguese / Brazil, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish/Mexico. 

The cover of the 3rd edtiion
The cover of the 3rd edition

The new edition of Basics updates everything but keeps the structure very much the same. It might even be called the Covid-19 edition because I certainly pay attention to this, wondering how sociology will change because of it and what sociology has to offer in its understanding.  I focus especially on the both the ways Covd-19 reveals the growing inequalities in the world, and the ways it may impact on world futures. 

I have not yet fully updated the website to accompany it. But am working on it and hope it will be done before 2022.

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