Pioneering Social Research: Zoom Launch

Pioneering Social Research: Life Stories of a Generation 
by Paul ThompsonKen Plummer and Neli Demirevacame out with Policy Press in the beginning of the year. It is a doubly unusual book: it does not argue a single hard-shaped account of how British social research developed, but a way into exploring its diversity; and it does not stand alone as a book, but is the frontispiece, the doorway, for a remarkable set of life story interviews.

We will hold a zoom Discussion on the 3rd of September, 2021: 11 to 13pm that will touch on several important questions: How did social research develop in the UK in the 20th century? What were key moments of discovery? Who were these pioneers and what did they study and publish? What impact did they have? Are they relevant to contemporary debates on intersecting inequalities, feminist inquiry, methods, racism and decolonization?

This is the provisional programme for this event that will give you an idea of the themes we hope to cover:

Provisional Programme ‘Pioneering Social Research’

Paul Thompson, Ken Plummer, Neli Demireva

with input from Julia Brannen, Graham Crow, Pat Caplan

3 September 2021

First Session: 11-12

The Project Story and the Book Story: Panel discussions by the authors

The Pioneers of Social Research project

Shaping the book

Three favourite interviews: Stuart Hall, Peter Townsend and Ann Oakley

Moments of Discovery and Shifting Contexts of Time and Place

‘With time, innovations become commonplace’

‘Life stories, biography and creativity’

Panel Discussion: ‘From Empire and Race to Post-Colonial Ethnicity

Second session: 12-13

Research Methods and Using the Book as a Teaching Tool

Pioneering Social Research as a teaching resource      

From Pioneering ‘Gender’ to Future Issues and Developments

‘On Gender and creativity’

Panel Discussion on: ‘Gender, Fieldwork and Methods’

General Discussion

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The Zoom link is here.

Special offer: The book will be available at 50% discount for the week of this seminar when you order from Policy Press. Use code PSR21 at the checkout by midnight on 10 September 2021 here (the 50% discount code will be active between the 3rd to 10th of September).

Pioneering Social Research was published in March 2021

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