Pioneering Social Research was published in March 2021

Pioneering Social Research: Life Stories of a Generation is out now from Policy Press. 

Presenting the landmark Pioneers life stories project, this one-of-a-kind book documents how modern social research in the UK was shaped.

It sheds new light on the lives, methods and motivations of men and women who helped develop a new world of research methodology, pioneered feminist research, and first confronted the issues of race and ethnicity.

Graham Crow from University of Edinburgh said, “Every research method starts out with a pioneering investigator, and the inspirational stories of the mould-breaking social scientists told here are full of curiosity, controversy, resourcefulness, ingenuity, imagination and dedication.” 

This book combines a fascinating history of the generations who built outstanding and influential social research with a valuable resource for future research and teaching on methods.

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For over 40 years I worried about things sociological; now I have time to stand and stare.

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