Symbolic Interactionism and Sexual Conduct: A very early article

One of my earliest papers and for a while, in my  far away youth, my favourite personal paper was Symbolic Interactionism and Sexual Conduct: An emergent perspective.  It was my first clear statement of a position – even though it took some ten years to be published and even then in a much edited form than the original ( a third of the original!).  For a little while it did seem to be used for teaching as a guide to the emerging new position on sexuality  ( during the 1980’s ) on courses and the like.

It grew out of my 1973 Ph.D thesis; and a paper that I presented at the British Sociological Association Conference  in 1973 on Gender Division conference in Aberdeen.

It finally got published in a 1982 collection, edited by a friend – ~Mike Brake, who tragically died young. Mike was a mature sociology student – retrained from the ballet – and was a stalwart of the National Deviancy Conference. He became a lecturer at the University of Kent and died in the late 1980’s.

You can find the paper at: Symbolic Interactionism and Sexual Conduct: An Emergent Perspective 1982

Mike Brake editor

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