Ending India’s War on Women

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Posted: 3 January 2013
Damini*, a 23-year-old student from Delhi, didn’t live to see 2013 — she died two days before the new year following a horrific gang rape on a bus in Delhi. Her case has sparked outrage across the world, and if enough of us act now, this tragedy could be the beginning of the end for India’s rape culture.

Hundreds of thousands of Indians took to the streets to protest Damini’s ordeal and the scourge of sexual violence in India. It took over the news, the streets and even forced the government to cancel New Year’s plans. They have reason to be angry: over 24,000 rape cases were registered in India for 2011, but almost no one was brought to justice.

In response, the government is dithering. Let’s join the thousands of Indian women and men who are fighting to end rape impunity with a massive petition for strong legislation and effective public education on sexual assault — our message will be delivered through a hard-hitting billboard ad campaign in Delhi when we reach one million signatures. Sign now.

*Damini is a pseudonym — the victim’s name has not been released.


To the Government of India, the Verma Commission, and the Mehra Commission:

We call on you to urgently strengthen sexual violence legislation and enforcement, and to launch a massive public education program with hard-hitting and high quality content designed to bring about a profound shift in the shameful attitudes that permit and promote violence against women.

CLick here for the petition:http://www.avaaz.org/en/end_the_war_on_women_g/?tta

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