Sexualities: The lastest double issue has just been  published










Nicola Smith &           Working Outside the (Hetero)Norm?  Lesbian, Gay,

Mary Laing                 Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Sex Work  (1559 words)

Katy Pilcher               Dancing for Women: Subverting Heteronormativity in a Lesbian Erotic Dance Space? (7011 words)

Dana Collins               Gay Hospitality as Desiring Labor: Contextualizing Transnational Sexual Labor (7098 words)

Nick Mai                     The fractal queerness of non-heteronormative migrant sex workers in the UK sex industry (7322 words)

Nicola J. Smith            Body issues: the political economy of male sex work (8912)

Michael Atkins           Walking the beat and doing business: exploring spaces

Mary Laing                 of male sex work and public sex (7576 words)

Jody Miller                 Identity, Sexuality and Commercial Sex among Sri

Andrea Nichols          Lankan Nachchi (7164 words)

Becki Ross                  Tracing Lines of Horizontal Hostility: How Sex Workers

Rachael Sullivan        and Gay Activists Battled for Space, Voice, and Belonging in Vancouver, 1975-1985 (7929 words)


Petra Nordqvist         I Don’t Want Us to Stand Out More than We Already Do’: Lesbian Couples Negotiating Family Connections in Donor Conception (7752 words)

Ana Brandao              How equal is equality? Discussions about same-sex marriage in Portugal (7438 words)

Shannon Weber        What’s Wrong With Be[com]ing Queer?: Biological Determinism as Discursive Queer Hegemony (10,012 words)

Bela Chatterjee          Pay v UK, the Probation Service and consensual BDSM sexual citizenship (8363)

Frederik Dhaenen     The Good the Bad or the Queer: Articulation of Queer resistance in The Wire (7150)

Hélène Frohard-Dourlent    When the heterosexual script goes flexible: Public reactions to female heteroflexibility in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic books (9778 words)

Book Reviews

 Robert Kulpa & Joanna Mizielinskaeds.,  Queer in Europe/ De-Centering

 Western Sexualities reviewed by Ken Plummer (Carried over 1294 words)


About kenplummer

For over 40 years I worried about things sociological; now I have time to stand and stare.

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