Haunting Images: Cyborg by Lynn Randolph

I am sure lives can get shaped through imageries as much as words. For some – the artists, the film makers, the photographers- this may be the key to their lives. But most people live with imageries in their life. How we see our world has consequences.

I hope and plan to show a few of my favourite imageries on this site from time to time. And here is another long term favourite: it is Cyborg by Lynn Randolph.

It is an image that I have lived with for 20 years and used a lot in my work. It has been much discussed in gender courses as it was used and discussed by Donna Haraway in her work The Cyborg Manifesto (1985).  It captures a mood and tone from a period of my life – a postmodern moment. It captures the work of a new friend- Lynn Randolph who I first met in 1987. But above all for me it captures, condenses and confuses, in a deeply ironic fashion, our ‘humanity’: our location as unique human beings in a world of machines, and stars, and animals: the universalities of connections in our unique moments.

See Lynn’s work on: http://www.lynnrandolph.com/

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