What does the Humanist quest for unity in the midst of difference mean for us today?

In this web blog, I will piece together various view on humanism and recently I have just come across a short  essay on humanism by the sociologist Richard Sennett which is of some interest. He concludes:

I have wanted …. to explain in this essay why the label “humanist” is a badge of honour, rather than the name for an exhausted worldview. Humanism’s emphasis on life-narratives, on the enriching experience of difference, and on evaluating tools in terms of human rather than mechanical complexity are all living values—and more, I would say, these are critical measures for judging the state of modern society. Looking back to the origins of these values is not an exercise in nostalgia; it is rather to remind us that we are engaged in a project, still in process, a humanism yet to be realized, of making social experience more open, engaging, and layered.

‘Humanism’    Hedgehog Review Summer 2011

Hedgehog Review

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