Intimate Citizenship


Today I have started a page which will hopefully  slowly piece together some of my writings and thoughts on this idea ( Go to: Selected Writings/ Intimate Citizenship).   I first recall thinking of the idea walking along a beach in Santa Barbara in the early 1990’s as I was completing Modern Homosexualities ( 1992) and it first saw the light of day  in my  Telling Sexual Stories (published in 1995). I was unhappy with the term Sexual Citizenship for its too narrow frame of reference and wanted  a wider and  more challenging idea.  Today I have downloaded  the first paper I gave on it which was published eventually as The Square of Intimate Citizenship in Citizenship Studies  Volum 5 No 6 November 2001  pp237-255. Available on line.This paper was first presented at the European Sociological Association Meetings in September 1997, and developed further for the Leeds Conference in 1999. It gradually led  to the book –Inventing Intimate Citizenship –  published by the University of Washington Press in their Stice Lectureship Series in 2003. I am grateful to friends and colleagues for many helpful suggestions.

I will from time to time add more on this theme and you can chase it through the categories and tags.

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